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On 12 June 2019, the third edition of the INSEC International Exhibition and Conference on Border Protection and Interior Security will take place in  Sangate Hotel Airport in Warsaw. It is an annual event created in consultation with the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration, fulfilling the function of a transparent forum for dialogue and exchange of knowledge on good practices and modern equipment for all formations involved in border protection and interior security in Poland, using the achievements and experiences of similar formations from abroad.

This makes INSEC a unique event on a national scale and comes across the challenges of the 21st century - including in particular cooperation of formations responsible for the security of citizens and their necessary hardware integration. As in the previous year, formations responsible for internal security and border protection in Poland were invited to participate in INSEC, including the Border Guard, Police, State Fire Service, State Protection Service, Internal Security Agency, National Revenue Administration, Main Inspectorate of Road Transport , Railway Protection Guards, Municipal Guards of the Capital City of Warsaw, SAR Sea Search and Rescue Service, Air Rescue Service, Government Security Center, Territorial Defense Force, Prison Service, Volunteer Fire Brigade.

In addition, as in the previous edition, representatives of international organizations such as FRONTEX and EUROPOL, as well as representatives of foreign formations involved in activities to ensure security internal and border protection, will be invited to participate in INSEC 2019 as speakers, leaders of the workshops on the modernization of uniformed services and visitors.

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